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Solar Systems

post-build or integrated? On or off-grid? Whatever you decide works for you, a solar system from Solar Store can be the the energy solution your’re looking for, providing you with energy security for years to come.

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Battery Back-up systems

If you have a home security system, essential medical equiptment or just a freezer full of food, a battery back up system is ideal for those who just need to keep the power on. Used in combination with a solar system, a battery system can provide you with relyable power 365 days a year.

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Electric Car Charging Ports

Electric vehicles have never been so popular. With rising prices at the pumps and global warming becomeing ever moe presant, an electric vehicle has never made so much sence. And with grants available for installation they can be very economical too.

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Heat Pumps

Heating your home with a heat pump is not only good for the environment but great for your pocket too. With upto 600% energy efficiency levels, you can heat your home at a fraction of the price of oil or gas.

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Off Grid Living

If you dream is to live off grid (let’s be honest, who’s isn’t) then you’re in the right place. Solar Store has extensive experiance in off grid projects. whether yours is a tiny house in the mountains or a 4 bed semi in suburbia, the off grid lifestyle is only a call away.

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