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Going Green Made Easy

Solar PV

Solar photovoltaic technology provides a great way to power your home or business with clean and reliable energy. Solar Store have been designing and installing Solar power plants in homes and businesses since 2013 helping 1000s of customers to “Go Green” while substantially reducing their utility bills.

In addition to reducing your energy bills our Solar PV systems also can offer you guaranteed power should the National Grid fail at any time, we do this by incorporating the latest battery technology into your Solar power generating system. We also design and install off-grid Solar PV and battery storage systems for those of us without grid connections, we have installed such systems both nationally and internationally.

We are proud to be able to do all of this whilst also helping to achieve our government’s goal of reaching Net Zero by 2050.

Investing in solar photovoltaic technology today not only ensures you are helping the environment, but you are positioning yourself for a guilt free and energy secure future.

Battery Storage

Installing solar Panels with a battery storage system will help you to further reduce your energy bills by storing unused solar power until you want to use it, helping protect you from ever increasing energy bills. We regularly retro-fit batteries to existing PV systems and often increase the size of existing arrays at the same time without affecting FiT payments, Ask us for more details. Do you want to power your life with convenience and reliability? Many of our customers are using their PV and battery systems to generate not only impressive energy savings but increased income by taking advantage of variable buy and sell energy rates that are now being offered by many electricity Suppliers.

Our battery systems are offered with an Emergency Power Supply option whereby your critical equipment in homes or business can run solely off battery and solar during a power cut or outage, please call for more details.  Our battery storage systems are the ideal choice for your energy needs, providing you with a reliable long-term energy solution. With advanced technology and innovative design our battery systems are designed to last with long warranties, allowing you to enjoy a high degree of energy independence though a clean, renewable source of power. A battery storage system will help you reduce your environmental footprint while giving you an efficient and cost-effective way to monitor your energy usage. Take control of your energy needs today, a battery storage system used with Solar PV is an knockout combination.



The day is fast approaching when most vehicles on the road will stop relying on dirty petrol or diesel as their fuel hence the urgent need for EV chargers at home and at the workplace. We offer a range of EV charging point solutions including models that can charge your vehicle solely from unused or surplus power from your PV system, this means you can effectively fill up for free at home or at work rather than pay exorbitant prices at the pump.  EVs are another way to reduce your environmental impact, while saving money on fuel costs. Enjoy an incredibly smooth and quiet ride that doesn’t break the bank either.


Heat Pump

When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, whether it’s during the heat of summer or the cold of winter, investing in a heat pump is an ideal solution. Installing an Air Source Heat Pump alongside a solar PV system offers excellent energy savings as not only do you generate your own fuel via your solar panels your Heat Pump then converts this to 3 or 4 times more energy to heat your home.  Our range of heat pumps will provide your property with an efficient and reliable heating and or cooling system that will guarantee that you are always comfortable. By using the latest technology and advanced energy-saving features, a heat pump could help you save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, our range of heat pumps will provide your home with whisper-quiet operation and minimal maintenance. Don’t wait any longer to invest in a heat pump – get the ultimate comfort and savings today. If replacing your old oil, gas or LPG boiler with an Air Source Heat Pump you could take advantage of government grants that can pay over 50% of the overall cost of the supply and installation.

About Solar  Store

Solar Store – providing great service at highly competitive prices since 2013

We have been an established Solar Power supplier and installer since March 2013.  We cover England & Wales with main offices in North Wales and a satellite office in Dorset.

Solar Store is a Trading name of North Wales Renewables Ltd and has been trading since 2013 as an MCS business. MCS No. NAP 20367

Going Green Made Easy

Solar Store Use ONLY MCS Approved Equipment


If you would like a friendly, professional, swift service contact us for a quick chat to discuss your needs and to find what will work best for your property, from there we can arrange a formal quotation or a survey. Solar Store are experts in the design, supply, and installation of renewable energy systems for any type of property throughout the UK.

Passionate about delivering reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions for our clients, we understand what is important to our customers and on any project one of our key aims is to provide excellent rates of return on investment for our growing family of delighted customers.

Green Enegry

Improve your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

A solar power system can protect you and your family from exorbitant energy price rises by giving you a clean, reliable, and private source of free* electricity making it the smarter choice of helping the planet whilst helping yourself!
*after installation costs

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