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Air Source Heat Pump

Going Green Made Easy

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Reduce Energy Bill’s and Carbon Emissions by Installing an Air Source Heat Pump

It’s time to Invest in Renewables with Gas, Oil and LPG prices being so unpredictable ASHP is next generation of home heating system.

Future Proof yourself Against Ever Increasing Energy Bills.

Claim the Government £5,000.00 Incentive.

Going Green Made Easy

Heat Pumps are a massive part of the future for heating UK homes

Heat pumps have lower maintenance costs – Air source heat pumps require little maintenance, making them a cost effective choice for
homeowners. You will need to maintain the heat pump to comply to the warranty rules.

Life Expectancy of a heat pump is 20 years plus.

A traditional boilers life expectancy can be as low as 8-10 years

Going Green Made Easy

Benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump

Help reduced your energy bills – Air source heat pumps are energy efficient, generally using 1kW of electric and produce 3-4kW of heat. This means that you can enjoy lower energy bills than with a fossil fuel burning boiler especially if you are using LPG, Oil or solid fuel. Your savings will depend on the efficiency, quality of the installation and overall design of the installation and the cost of electricity. Ensure that the survey and design is completed by a professional. Make sure you have a proper heat loss calculation survey so an engineer can design the best possible system for your property. It’s also important to have a new EPC in place, this will be needed to claim the government grant. Avoid direct sales and marketing businesses that try and install bivalent, keeping your boiler in situ for when temperatures drop below a certain temperature. When a heat pump installation is designed correctly then this should be fit for purpose. Heat pumps are installed in countries around the world that have much harsher weathers than the UK.

Going Green Made Easy

Become a greener home or business by installing renewables

Heat Pumps Environmentally friendly compared to fossil fuel burning boilers – Air source heat pumps are powered by electricity, which can be a renewable energy source. 

Quiet operation – Air source heat pumps are very quiet compared to other heating systems. This makes them ideal for homes in noise sensitive areas. Heat pumps have improved dramatically over the years.

Going Green Made Easy

Air Source Heat Pumps are flexible installations

Heat pumps can be installed in a variety of locations, outside of the home. An engineer can discuss all the options open to you for the best location. Heat Pump can be installed next to the property or a short distance away near an outbuilding, shed or garage. You can explore all options when a survey is be conducted. Long life span – Air source heat pumps have a long life span, typically lasting over 20 years. This makes them a great investment for the long term. The life expectancy is far better than a traditional fossil fuel boiler.

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Going Green Made Easy

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Green Enegry

Improve your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

A solar power system can protect you and your family from exorbitant energy price rises by giving you a clean, reliable, and private source of free* electricity making it the smarter choice of helping the planet whilst helping yourself!
*after installation costs

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